Rolando Locomotov races to rescue

Rolando Locomotov

“Rolando Locomotov races to rescue” is an interesting and informative series about the adventures of tireless mischief-makers Mary and Jerry. Any of their plans leads to unforeseen consequences. It's lucky that the wonderful rescuer Rolando Locomotov always comes to the rescue in time! The picturesque animated series teaches the basic health and safety measures in verse. Its main task is to teach children to react in case of emergency quickly and correctly and prevent its occurrence.






Rolando Locomotov new episode

Main characters

Rolando Locomotov

Rolando Locomotov is a rescuer, hero and cosmonaut. He is kind and brave, cheerful and smart. He can fly, he plays the accordion, does not smoke and lives on the moon.

Superhero Rolando Locomotov races to rescue

Mary and Jerry

Curious kids who like to mischief and make a mess. They seem to attract all the troubles. Brother and sister live on the twelfth floor. They study so-so.

Merry and Jerry from ‘Rolando Locomotov’

Be a superhero!

Rolando Locomotov needs your help! Please help Mary and Jerry together with him!
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