Exploring worlds

Cutie Cubies

Four cubic aliens are flying from a cubic planet to explore other worlds. Suddenly their ship is dragged into the "black hole" and then throws it out of the "hole" into our solar system. The ship collides with the ISS and falls to Earth to the summer cottage of grandmother-scientist whose name is Venus Ivanovna and her granddaughter Lera. The ship lands directly to the birdhouse, where the temporary base of the Сubies is located.

Lera is the first who meets aliens. Cutie Cubies tell her about their problem - a broken ship. Lera offers them her help. But it is hard for Lera to explain everything. Then modern means of communication come to help her. The girl contacts her earthly friends using a tablet. Lera leads the aliens to the grandmother's laboratory in the attic where with the help of a powerful transmitter the Сubies communicate with their planet and ask for help. But the help will not come soon because the cubies penetrated to Earth through a "black hole" and the distances in the "black holes" are very changeable...








He took the shape of red rabbit on Earth. He is straight, determined, optimistic. He perceives all troubles with enthusiasm and unshakable faith that everything will be fine. He is absolute team leader.

Red cubie from «Cubies»
Red cubie from «Cubies»


He took the form of grass - a green piece of lawn. He is calm, always relaxed and usually positive, he loves to sing. He changes color of the grass not in accordance with the season but in accordance with the mood. He loves nature.

Green cubie from «Cubies»
Green cubie from «Cubies»


He took the form of aquarium with fish. He likes to blow bubbles and dance. He is silent. He thinks a lot, he is a thinker. He has a good memory and strong mind - he sees dangers in advance. But he does not speak, that is why he can not always warn his friends about danger.

Blue сubie from «Cubies»
Blue cubie from «Cubies»


He looked like a yellow chicken. He is a joker, air-monger and scaremonger. He is an energetic team member, occasionally falling due to his energy in trouble. He loves eating.

Yellow cubie from «Cubies»
Yellow cubie from «Cubies»


She is lovely, kind, enthusiastic, very friendly girl about six years. She loves to play, dance and sing. She understands that her grandmother is busy with something important, so she often helps her around the house. But there is also a disadvantage - she is fond of games and sometimes accidentally can do everything not as planned.

Lily from «Cubies»


Grandmother is a scientist, who devoted his life to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. She is strict, a bit strange and highly intelligent. She likes her granddaughter very much, but sometimes she is fond of science and literally does not see what is happening at her side. She is good with technology, she is an inventor.

Granny from «Cubies»

Piratto the Pirate

Space Pirate Piratto is a pyramidal creature that hunts for rare aliens across the galaxy. His dream is to catch the Cubies. They are not in his collection. Piratto considers himself as a genius villain, but in fact he is a muff, constantly getting troubles instead of catching Cubies.

Piratto from «Cubies»