Cutie Cubies

A musical series about the adventures of four “cubes” who are actually aliens from outer space. In the first season, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow get stuck on Earth after their cubo spaceship crashes. They have to disguise themselves as chickens, bunnies, an aquarium, and even foliage. The characters meet a girl called Lily and her friend Bradley who teach the guests from outer space about life and the rules of behavior on Earth.

In the second season, the cubes return to their Cubo Planet, where they pass on their Earth experiences to their fellow cubes.




3-6 years old


Main characters


He took the shape of red rabbit on Earth. He is straight, determined, optimistic. He perceives all troubles with enthusiasm and unshakable faith that everything will be fine. He is absolute team leader.

Red cubie from ‘Cutie Cubies’
Red cubie from ‘Cutie Cubies’


He took the form of grass - a green piece of lawn. He is calm, always relaxed and usually positive, he loves to sing. He changes color of the grass not in accordance with the season but in accordance with the mood. He loves nature.

Green cubie from ‘Cutie Cubies’
Green cubie from ‘Cutie Cubies’


He took the form of aquarium with fish. He likes to blow bubbles and dance. He is silent. He thinks a lot, he is a thinker. He has a good memory and strong mind - he sees dangers in advance. But he does not speak, that is why he can not always warn his friends about danger.

Blue сubie from ‘Cutie Cubies’
Blue cubie from ‘Cutie Cubies’


He looked like a yellow chicken. He is a joker, air-monger and scaremonger. He is an energetic team member, occasionally falling due to his energy in trouble. He loves eating.

Yellow cubie from ‘Cutie Cubies’
Yellow cubie from ‘Cutie Cubies’


She is lovely, kind, enthusiastic, very friendly girl about six years. She loves to play, dance and sing. She understands that her grandmother is busy with something important, so she often helps her around the house. But there is also a disadvantage - she is fond of games and sometimes accidentally can do everything not as planned.

Lily from ‘Cutie Cubies’


Grandmother is a scientist, who devoted his life to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. She is strict, a bit strange and highly intelligent. She likes her granddaughter very much, but sometimes she is fond of science and literally does not see what is happening at her side. She is good with technology, she is an inventor.

Granny from ‘Cutie Cubies’

Piratto the Pirate

Space Pirate Piratto is a pyramidal creature that hunts for rare aliens across the galaxy. His dream is to catch the Cubies. They are not in his collection. Piratto considers himself as a genius villain, but in fact he is a muff, constantly getting troubles instead of catching Cubies.

Piratto from ‘Cutie Cubies’


Cubo-Mayor is the eccentric ruler of Cubo-City. He's very selfish, impulsive, and inconsistent. He constantly lights up with new ideas, but quickly loses interest in them. The list of his fleeting desires is endless. Cubo-Mayor loves to be the center of attention and is terribly offended if someone else is suddenly praised in his presence.

Cubo-Mayor from ‘Cutie Cubies’


Bradley - a neighbor boy, Lily's friend. Cubies call him Dreadly. Bradley is reasonable and calm, but a bit of an arrogant child. Like Lily, he likes to play, fantasize, and explore the world around him. Bradley is not always an ideal friend for Lily and the Cubies, but he tries to become one. He always has great ideas for new games!

Bradley from ‘Cutie Cubies’
heroes from ‘Cutie Cubies’