Leo and Tig

A leopard named Leo was born in the forests of the Far East. One day he meets a tiger cub named Tig, and they become best friends.

In the first season of the series, the little animals discover — for themselves and viewers — the wonderful world of their native land. In the second season, a hurricane blows in a "flying ship" and a Chinese monkey named Lily who Leo and Tig help to return home. In the third season, new adventures await the heroes at home, but now Leo’s little sister, the mischievous Leonella joins them.




3-6 years old


Main characters


The leopard Leo is a little leopard. He is very curious, quick, restless, brave, invented and mischievous. Leo is a true friend, who helps everyone in trouble. He is a tireless researcher who knows how to be surprised and find unusual and interesting things in the simplest objects that surround him every day.

Leo from 'Leo and Tig' cartoon


The tiger Tig is a baby tiger. He is strong, kind, deliberate, simple-minded slouch. Tig is cautious, undetermined, slightly coward, a bit sluggish, but sincere and true friend, who is ready to help, overcoming all his fears, and do the Deed.

Tig from 'Leo and Tig' cartoon

Mapa Pandiga

The Himalayan black bear Mapa Pandiga is sAudience, guru, teacher, mentor. He is calm, level-headed and kind. He knows a lot of legends, which he is glad to tell Leo, Tig and their friends.

Mapa Pandiga from 'Leo and Tig' cartoon


The weasel Mila is a bit younger than Leo and Tig. She is quick, merry, a little fussy and naive. She wants to be friends with the elder animals, she is not afraid to play any boy’s plays, because she wants to prove that she is as well as the rest. She is participant and often initiator of the friends' adventures.

Mila from 'Leo and Tig' cartoon


The lynx Yara is a female lynx, teenAudiencer, she is a bit older than Leo and Tig. She is clever, determined, mocking, reasonable and self-confident. Yara is beautiful and charming flirt. As she is older, she likes to poke fun at kids, but she is always ready to protect friends at the moment of danger.

Yara from 'Leo and Tig' cartoon


The boar Cuba is a silent boar. When he talks, he oinks, but his friends understand him perfectly. Cuba is a permanent participant in adventure. He is faithful, brave and very honest friend. He is always ready to help and distract the enemy. He often plays the role of Mila's "war horse" and carries her on his back.

Cuba from 'Leo and Tig' cartoon


The brothers Martens are four rowdy martens. They stand apart, they look for their benefits everywhere. They like to laugh at friends and organize a competition where they try to win dishonestly. The leader among the brothers is the marten named Spike. The other martens are his henchmen, who execute Spike's orders in full obedience.

Martens from 'Leo and Tig' cartoon


LiLy is a little Chinese monkey. She's the daughter of the leader of the Tribe of Monkeys. She’s agile, nimble, restless, and very inquisitive. She’s kind and foolhardy. Because of her insatiable curiosity, she often gets into trouble, but doesn't whine, and tries to appear untroubled. She always defends her point of view, it's difficult to argue with her. LiLy 'has a way with words', and a sharp tongue. LiLy is a real 'Pippi Longstocking.'

LiLy from 'Leo and Tig' cartoon
Persons from 'Leo and Tig' cartoon

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Embark on a new adventure and play as one of your favourite characters from the animated series: Leo the Amur leopard, Tig the playful tiger, Mila the little weasel, Jara the crafty lynx, or Cuba the cheerful boar.

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The Game 'Leo and Tig'