Fantasy Patrol

The story centers on the exciting adventures of young fairies Valery, Mary, Snowy, Helena — plus the addition of Alice in the series’ second season.

The story begins in the town of Fableton where the girls become the guardians of this sanctuary place, protecting it and helping all of the fairy tale creatures. In the second season, Helena finds herself in the Fairy World, and her friends follow her there. New adventures, featuring yet more young witches in the third season of the series, are themed around studying their supernatural arts in a magic college.




6-9 years old


Main characters


Helena is cheerful, plain-hearted, soulful and expressional. She is sociable and talkative. Often she talks beside the point. She is light-minded, so at first she does something and then she thinks. She wants all at once, that’s why she often gets lazy to develop her talent, which leads to various mishaps.

Helena from 'Fantasy Patrol'
Helena from 'Fantasy Patrol'


Mary is consistent and pragmatic, she tries to do everything according to the rules and prefabricated plan. She is excellent pupil and inventress. Mary is well-versed in modern human gadgets as well as in fairytale equipment. She tries to control her feelings.

Mary from 'Fantasy Patrol'
Mary from 'Fantasy Patrol'


Snowy is thoughtful, silent, calm, delicate, she prefers not to interfere in the girls’ internal conflicts. She is slightly childish and enthusiastic, she takes everything at its face value. Snowy is deeply attached to her 'childhood friend' - a plush bunny.

Snowy from 'Fantasy Patrol'
Snowy from 'Fantasy Patrol'


Valery is a leadership character. She is self-confident, impulsive, remarkable, sharp-tongued girl. She is a girl of deeds. She is straight-forward and not always tactful. Valery is beautiful and bold. This girl is fast, strong, smart and fearless.

Valery from 'Fantasy Patrol'
Valery from 'Fantasy Patrol'


Alice is a fan of fashion and clothes; her favorite activity is shopping. At the same time, she is a talented mechanic, easily makes animatrons, and repairs the most difficult mechanisms. She lives in a clock tower and is the Keeper of Time: if Alice does not watch the clock, time in the Magic World will be disrupted and may stop forever. The character is not simple: she can be selfish and moody, but at the same time, a cheerful, open, positive, and spontaneous girl. She sincerely cares for her friends and family, and in critical situations is full of determination and courage.

Alice  from 'Fantasy Patrol'
Minor characters from 'Fantasy Patrol'

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