Puppies and Kittens

In a small beautiful city, families of cats and dogs live in cozy houses. They are all kind, funny, friendly, and hardworking. Each family owns a small business. And only a group of little troublemakers disturbs the well-measured life of the city. There are two cats and four dogs, inseparable friends.

Every morning, the school bus goes around the houses, collects the kids, and takes them to school. The friends learn important life rules, and after school they meet to play and explore the world on their own. But they are not only mischievous, they also help their parents with their family businesses.

In each episode, the viewer experiences a small adventure of the inseparable friends and gets acquainted with the features of their parents' professions.


7 minutes

Episode duration

2-6 years old


Main characters


She is a flirty kitty, fond of music. She plays the piano and sings, loves to attract attention. She is confident and elegant with her friends, like a little lady.

Alice from ‘Puppies and Kittens’


She is a kind and naive little kitty. She worries about her friends and cares about them. She likes to eat tasty things and help her mother cook.

Busya from ‘Puppies and Kittens’


She is a dog and inventor who helps her parents in the auto shop. Her favorite toys are a wrench, a screwdriver, and other tools. Always ready to help out her friends when something breaks.

Vicky from ‘Puppies and Kittens’


He is a little farmer who works on the farm with his parents. He helps his dad collect fruits and vegetables, drives a tractor. A well-bred gentleman, serious and pragmatic beyond his years.

Georgie from ‘Puppies and Kittens’


He is the soul of the company, helps his parents in their family's department store. An organized and business-like dog, a tech-geek, interested in gadgets and computers. The first to try out all new devices. Mia's twin brother.

Dan from ‘Puppies and Kittens’


She is a frivolous fashionista dog who is always a bit of a dreamer. She likes to sing and dance, spinning in ballet pirouettes’ . She wears in beautiful dresses and puts on shiny jewelry. Dan's twin sister.

Mia from ‘Puppies and Kittens’
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