Magic Lantern

The heroine of the animated series — a seven-year-old girl Kate — retells to her five-year-old brother, numerous books by great authors. Among them are: Jules Verne, Conan Doyle, William Defoe, Herbert Wells, Jack London, Edgar Poe, Alexander Dumas and others. The stories are adapted for the youngest viewers, and the images on the screen change one after the other — as if watching a slide show. All of Kate’s tales are illustrated in different styles, so the series broadens not only the literary, but the aesthetic horizons of the audience as well.




3-6 years old


Main characters


Kate is a first-grader, excellent pupil and very smart girl. She tries to distract her brother’s attention from the video games showing him the filmstrips.

Kate from ‘Magic Lantern’


Kate's little brother, who is very capricious. He likes to mischief, dream and laugh. He can not read captions and Kate often takes the advantage of it. All his spare time he likes to play the game console and ask a lot of questions.

Mike from ‘Magic Lantern’

Cat Anton

Cat Anton is a speechless participant of every adventure. He is very emotional.

Cat Anton from ‘Magic Lantern’

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