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Magic Lantern

In every episode a seven-year-old girl named Kate and her five-year-old brother Mikey watch short films. The plots of films are based on works of classic literature by world-famous writers and adapted for children. Often characters look like cute, funny little animals. Each story has its own style and expands not only the literary but also the aesthetic horizons of its audience.






New episode Magic Lantern

Main characters


Kate is a first-grader, excellent pupil and very smart girl. She tries to distract her brother’s attention from the video games showing him the filmstrips.

Kate from «Magic Lantern»


Katya's little brother, who is very capricious. He likes to mischief, dream and laugh. He cannot read captions and Kate often takes the advantage of it. All his spare time he likes to play the game console and ask a lot of questions.

Mikey from «Magic Lantern»

Cat Anton

Cat Anton is a speechless participant of every adventure. He is very emotional.

Cat Anton from «Magic Lantern»

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