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Paper tales

Animated series "Paper tales" tells the kids about the fun adventures of paper animals, i.e. a moose named Aristotle and a woodpecker named Knock-knock, in a paper country where everything is made of paper only. Funny adventures are combined with interesting do-it-yourself lessons, at which viewers will learn how to make all the cartoon characters from paper, cardboard, scissors and glue.






«PaperTales» animation series

Main characters


A paper moose, who likes to philosophize. He is erudite, deliberate, reasonable and clumsy. When he thinks about something, he plays the double bass. Together with Knock-knock they not only help their forest neighbors, but also travel around the world.

Moose Atistotel from «Paper tales»


A paper woodpecker Knock-knock is Aristotle's best friend and companion . He is an energetic and outstanding dreamer and spearhead. He has inborn sense of rhythm.

Woodpecker Knock-knock from «Paper tales»


Bunny cat is a superstar of the animated series “Paper tales” and the “Parovoz” Studio. He can transform from the cat into the bunny and vice versa.

Bunny cat from «Paper tales»

Paper world in your pocket

Help Aristotle and Knock-knock to complete all the paper tasks on the island!
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