Fantasy Patrol. The Chronicles

Each episode of this animated series tells a story about the familiar secondary characters in the “Fantasy Patrol" series like Cat the scientist, Magic Flower, Elizabeth Wise, Wood-Sprite and many others. Plots and stories made in motion comics style, reveal the real nature of the characters and expand on the motives behind their actions.


7 minutes

Episode duration

6-9 years old


Main characters

Cat the Scientist

The most educated, eccentric, and charismatic cat in the world. He has the Magic World's highest award - the ‘First Keeper’ medal and the title of the most elegant gentleman.

Cat the Scientist from 'Fantasy Patrol'


A gloomy and taciturn guardian of the Magic Forest. Behind his dark appearance hides a kind heart and a keen sense of justice.

Wood-Sprite  from 'Fantasy Patrol'

White Mouse (Fluffy)

A little troublemaker, mischievous creature, and a dreamer. Mary's Pet. Loves cheese, adventures, and fun games.

White Mouse (Fluffy) from 'Fantasy Patrol'

Johnny the Librarian

Johnny is a hereditary magician and the successor of an ancient family of wizards. But because of his inherent laziness and disorganization, he often gets into trouble.

Johnny the Librarian from 'Fantasy Patrol'

Water Spirit

The good-natured and slightly eccentric ruler of the underwater city. Water Spirit loves games, fun, and holidays. Despite being a big child at heart, he is a true and loyal friend.

Water Spirit from 'Fantasy Patrol'

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Restless twin brothers. Although they often argue and quarrel, actually they cannot live without each other. Their passion is invention, jokes, and pranks.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum from 'Fantasy Patrol'


Musician, idol, and star of the Magic World. Shikan is a master of any musical instrument. He loves the outrage, the enthusiasm of the audience, and applause. Shikan can be a bit arrogant, but if someone is in trouble, he will be the first to come to rescue, no matter what the danger is.

Shikan from 'Fantasy Patrol'


Keeper of the Tree of Life. Dryad not only has a deep love for all living things, but also the fortitude and strength of spirit of a true warrior, able to protect the fragile world from any dangers.

Dryad from 'Fantasy Patrol'


An amazing and beautiful creature, half cat, half fairy. Cat-fairies live in the Magic Forest in the most beautiful flowers and have an amazing gift to heal and help plants. They also sing and play musical instruments very well.

Cat-fairy from 'Fantasy Patrol'


A strong, powerful, and wayward sorceress. In the past, a forest witch, traveler, and explorer. There is not one single far corner of the Magic World that Jadwiga has not visited. She is a connoisseur of magic plants, an expert in ‘potions’, and just a lover of everything new and unknown.

Jadwiga from 'Fantasy Patrol'
Minor characters from 'Fantasy Patrol'