Be-Be-Bears • Bjorn and Bucky

The adventures of energetic mischief-makers: Bucky, the brown bear, a white bear named Bjorn, and their friend Littlefox. Bucky is all about gadgets and technology, Bjorn is a child of nature, and Littlefox loves to bake pies and treat her many friends. In each episode, children learn something new: how take care of nature, what it means to be a good friend, and what to do when electronics break down.




3-6 years old


Main characters


Bucky is a brown bear. Bucky is a ringleader. He is active, energetic, curious, impudent and impatient. He is an inventor, he likes gadgets. Bucky can create a device of any complexity from reminder to portal in the parallel reality.

Bucky from ‘Be-Be-Bears’


Bjorn is a polar bear. He is calm, balanced, patient, kind, slow and delicate character. He loves nature and contemplation of it. Bjorn is wise, he knows many stories and often starts his tales with the following phrase: "In the North we..."

Bjorn from ‘Be-Be-Bears’


Littlefox is a kind, calm, careful girl. She loves to bake pies, cook compote and treat friends. She wants to take part in the games and adventures of the Bears. Littlefox is younger than bears, but she is much wiser than them. She always finds the right decision instinctively, but expresses her opinion very tactfully. She always speaks delicately.

Littlefox from ‘Be-Be-Bears’


Chicky acts like a pet. She behaves like a cat, a dog and a bird. She can show the habits of almost all pets. For Bucky and Bjorn she is a true friend. She lives with Bucky, so she visits him at home more often than other friends.

Chicky from ‘Be-Be-Bears’


Sanya is mischief-maker, fidget, bullyboy and a bit selfish person. He has a sling. He plays dirty tricks, but he doesn’t want to do harm, but to have fun or to attract attention. When he is caught red-handed, he tries to bluff it out, he regrets, apologizes and then do the same things again.

Sanya from ‘Be-Be-Bears’


Sonya is a little selfish and arrogant like her brother. She likes fashion and all sorts of novelty products. She keeps company with Littlefox, but tries to turn this friendship to her advantAudience. Essentially, raccoons are children who try to attract attention by all means.

Sonya from ‘Be-Be-Bears’


Valya is puffy, sluggish and clumsy. He lacks confidence. He is an intellectual character. He is fond of archeology. He is always accommodating to everyone. Valya is easy to deceive, he is very trusting. Valya is a naive good-natured character.

Valya from ‘Be-Be-Bears’
Minor characters from Bebebears

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