Mini Bears • Parovoz animation studio

Type of work Animated Series
Audience 2-3 years
Duration 26 episodes 5 min. 30 sec.
Babies Bjorn, Bucky, Littlefox, mole Valya, twin raccoons Sanya and Sonya, and chicken Chicky live in a small toy town, where everything looks festive and cheerful. Each day they leave their houses and play fondly on the playground, where the friends always find themselves in various tricky situations: once Littlefox becomes afraid to go down the slide, then Bucky decides to change his own tail, or Valya gets embarrassed because he cannot dance. Problems, which adults consider as insignificant ones, are very important to our characters, and the kids bravely cope with them. The exciting animated spin-off of the Be-Be-Bears series can answer big questions of your little child.