“Woodventures” is a musical animated series for preschoolers. The main characters are wooden toys that live in a small wooden town — reminiscent of a child’s playroom. Each of the toys has its own personality and reacts in its own way to various life events. The toys, along with the audience, face all kind of challenges, solve problems, and learn about friendship, without ever stopping playing and having fun.




1-3 years old


Main characters

Elephant Pawoo

Elephant Pawoo is a boy. He is like an older brother to the others, educator and babysitter. He’s the calmest of all of them and the most rational. He’s also strong and kind, he’s the unconditional leader and authority of the group. He’s got his telescope set up on the roof of his house too, where he enjoys watching the stars.

Elephant Pawoo from ‘Woodventures’

Horsey Yee-ho-ho

Horsey Yee-ho-ho is a girl. Creative, active, initiative, resourceful and positive. She loves creativity and thinks outside the box when problem solving. She lives in a house on top of the hill and gallops down the hill each time she leaves it.

Horsey Yee-ho-ho from ‘Woodventures’

Piggy Oink

Piggy Oink is a boy. Active, full of beans, can be a bit mischievous, in a good way. He often gets himself into trouble. Cheerful and positive. He’s got his favorite puddle in front of his house.

Piggy Oink from ‘Woodventures’

Doggy Woof-Woof

Doggy Woof-Woof is a boy. Direct, masterful, and practical. He is a farmer who knows how to work with mechanisms and machinery. He grows lots of healthy vegetables and fruits in his garden. He has his house with wheels that stands on a platform. His house can move, and is attached to a car which can pull it.

Doggy Woof-Woof from ‘Woodventures’

Kitty Meow

Kitty Meow is a girl. Calm, quiet, cautions and neat. She loves flowers and hearts. She’s got a very sweet nature and loves music and mirrors. She’s also got a cute little house with a front garden with flowers.

Kitty Meow from ‘Woodventures’