About Dima

The cartoon "About Dima" tells about the acquaintance of the girl Mira and the boy, who is different from her friends. Dima does not walk very well and does not speak almost, but Mira's curiosity and the kindly advice of her mother become the beginning of true friendship. Mira has to understand that diagnoses do not empede the acquaintance and play. And you can share the joy of communication with those who differ from you. It is a boy with special development needs. He is sicere and kind. He is a bit suspicious because other children used to offend him. He wants to have friends very much.
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Main characters


It is a boy with special development needs. He is sicere and kind. He is a bit suspicious because other children used to offend him. He wants to have friends very much.

Boy Dima from ‘About Dima’

Dima’s mother

It is just a mother, adoring her son. She protects him against troubles and teaches to overcome fear and unbosom himself. She is when Dima communicates with friends.

Dima's mother from ‘About Dima’


It is a girl of 5-7 years old. Every day she has a lot of questions about life. Simple questions would puzzle any parent. Mira often follows the crowd, chooses the easier solution, but always thinks: "why so?" She is curious and wants to understand the essence of things. She is an ordinary child who doesn’t know how to behave in unfamiliar situations. Parents help her to solve this problem.

Girl Mira from ‘About Dima’

Mira’s mother

She works as a writer of children's books and reads a lot. She does not know all the answers to the children's questions, but she is open-hearted and wants to come to the point.

Mira's mother from ‘About Dima’

The cartoon "About Dima" was created with the help of crowdfinding.

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Customer Testimonails

I support the project "About Dima" with all my heart. It is necessary that special children grow up next to ordinary children, they should play in the same sandbox, go to the same kindergarten and to the same school. Inclusive education is very important, but inclusive communication is even more important.

Evelina Blyodans Actress
Customer Testimonails

I would like that children and their parents, as well as adults, who have not become mums and dads yet, take a step towards understanding and humanity due to this cartoon. Most of us feel fear seeing children with peculiarities.

Irina Muromtseva TV presenter
Customer Testimonails

It is very important to accept and not be afraid of our differences from childhood, because we are all very different. And with the help of the cartoon we can tell a child and remind ourselves about our differences much more clearly, kindly, interestingly and simply.

Ekaterina Dubakina Actress

This is one of the best cartoons for children! Kind, truthful and funny. The end has brought me joy! Keep it up! Thanks to the author and to those who have made this cartoon!

Zhenya Agadzhanyan, YouTube

Well done! Please, develop, create new series, and maybe then, it will be easier for us as teachers to communicate with parents and say that if the child is special, it does not mean that he should sit at home and be afraid that somebody offends him and that other parents will refuse to attend classes, because there are special children there! We need such a cartoon in our country. People should know that if we become a little more tolerant, the world will become much better and happier. If you need support, you will find it among people like me!

Alexandra Lilieva, YouTube

It's great. Very positive cartoon. I work with autistic children, they are the same children as everyone else! The main thing is to be kind and open to those who are different from us :)

Illarion Ogorodnikov, YouTube

Wonderful cartoon! My children have already watched it, and then there were questions and answers ... It's so important to talk with the child on such topics, i.e. attention, respect and understanding of Wonderful Children with developmental peculiarities !!!

Olga Golubina, YouTube

I think it is a very useful cartoon! I run out of words to say how touching it is! in my opinion, the cartoon shows the most important thing is that you should not be afraid of special children, you can communicate with them ... I liked the moment when Mira overcame her doubts and approached Dima ... The plot is made very cool, positive, and most importantly, confidently, and the voice of Mira's mother is very convincing. Thank you!) You are great, you make the world better!)

Anna Proshina, YouTube

Thank you very much! My brother Sasha was born with features of development (T21), he has already gone. And I watch your cartoon and follow your Instragam where I look through wonderful pages with wonderful children like Sasha... And I can’t fight back my tears... Thank you... I'm lost for words...

Pie, YouTube

The cartoon is very good. Thank you. The main thing is for people to think that children with disabilities are also children, they are just special. They also want to play, they want to be given attention. They just need a specific approach.

Tamara Viktorovna, YouTube

It touched my heart... One mother pulled her child back from mine… I wish everyone would watch this cartoon! Maybe the society will be ready to perceive people with disabilities adequately due to such cartoons.

Yuliya Bryushinina, VK

Thank you for your work, I wish you success! Create new stories that undeceive those who do not understand anything about true life. Judging by the comments to the cartoon, there is a lot of such "consumers of entertainment content," the parents of which haven’t explained that life is very unpredictable.

Olga Shikhova, VK

Thanks to the author. Today such cartoons should be shown on TV, in minibuses and at school advisory. We often see that an ordinary child is so ill-mannered, cruel, capricious, that we understand, it will be difficult to coomunicate with him for his mother and everyone around in the future without the intervention of a psychologist. But these children are nice and kind. And it remains to be seen which family has a disabled child. And the drawings are so good, they are bright and understandable for children. Thank you.

Navi Sova, VK