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Продолжительность 3:18 minutes
Возрастной рейтинг 0+ years old
The cartoon "About Dima" tells about the acquaintance of the girl Mira and the boy, who is different from her friends. Dima does not walk very well and does not speak almost, but Mira's curiosity and the kindly advice of her mother become the beginning of true friendship. Mira has to understand that diagnoses do not empede the acquaintance and play. And you can share the joy of communication with those who differ from you. It is a boy with special development needs. He is sicere and kind. He is a bit suspicious because other children used to offend him. He wants to have friends very much.
Customer Testimonails

I support the project "About Dima" with all my heart. It is necessary that special children grow up next to ordinary children, they should play in the same sandbox, go to the same kindergarten and to the same school. Inclusive education is very important, but inclusive communication is even more important.

Customer Testimonails

I would like that children and their parents, as well as adults, who have not become mums and dads yet, take a step towards understanding and humanity due to this cartoon. Most of us feel fear seeing children with peculiarities.

Customer Testimonails

It is very important to accept and not be afraid of our differences from childhood, because we are all very different. And with the help of the cartoon we can tell a child and remind ourselves about our differences much more clearly, kindly, interestingly and simply.


The cartoon "About Dima" was created with the help of crowdfinding.

158 people invested 203 800 rubles in creating a cartoon about special children