Cathy Quest

Cathy Quest is educational and entertaining animated series that teaches kids about the nature of things.

In the first season, friends visit bakeries, factories, trains, and steamboats. They learn how things work and learn all about different professions as well. In the second season, Сathy and Ef travel to different countries of the world and visit the children that live thereю In the third season, amazingly they can grow to the size of planets, they can shrink to the size of tiny atoms, and they are also able to travel back in time! They see the wonders of the world, meet great inventors and scientists throughout history, and learn who invented things like soap, and the “hot air balloon” for example.




3-6 years old


Main characters


Active and curious. Likes to talk a lot and to know everything. She wants to share her new discoveries and always takes her friend Ef with her to anywhere.

Girl Cathy from ‘Cathy Quest’


He is a little bit afraid of adventures but she adores her friend Cathy and always travels with her. The only word he says is: “Round!” He collects round things. Ef is a kind soul.

Monster Ef from ‘Cathy Quest’

Anyway Door

Wooden and slightly unusual door in the house of Ef. Friends use it to travel to anywhere. Also the door can save them taking back from dangerous situations.

Anyway Door from ‘Cathy Quest’
Minor characters from ‘Cathy Quest’