Little stories about big deeds

Cathy Quest

Where do muffins come from?
How do submarines stay underwater?
What do mountains have to do with forks and spoons?

And why do meteorologists need butterfly nets? A little girl Cathy and her friend Creature EF travel through the magical Anywhere-Door to bakeries, factories, trains, and steamboats to look inside and learn how they work.




3-6 years


Main characters


Active and curious. Likes to talk a lot and to know everything. She wants to share her new discoveries and always takes her friend Ef with her to anywhere.

Girl Cathy from «Cathy Quest»


He is a little bit afraid of adventures but she adores her friend Cathy and always travels with her. The only word he says is: “Round!” He collects round things. Ef is a kind soul.

Monster Ef from «Cathy Quest»

Anyway Door

Wooden and slightly unusual door in the house of Ef. Friends use it to travel to anywhere. Also the door can save them taking back from dangerous situations.

Anyway Door from «Cathy Quest»