Moriki Doriki

School friends and tireless fidgits Ruru, Mimzu, Spike, Pea, Shushi, Neki, and Greenbo, all live in the underwater land of Oceania. They’re never bored — the children make up games, participate in contests, sing, draw, write poems, invent and explore their amazing underwater world. Their school teacher, the kind and caring little mermaid named Lana, helps them along.


7 minutes

Episode duration

4-7 years old


Main characters


The main character, an optimist, the soul of any company. Cheerful, charismatic, attentive, and kind. Ruru is always ready to listen, support and help friends, as well as enjoy their success. He is a great athlete and a master skateboarder.

Ruru from ‘Moriki Doriki’


A melancholy and unhurried contemplator, relates to life philosophically. He can lie for hours in one place, staying somewhere in the depths of his inner world. Loves poetry.

Mimzu from ‘Moriki Doriki’


Mischievous and a troublemaker, he loves to be in the spotlight and is always ready to play a joke on friends. He is seriously interested in roller sports and dreams of outstanding achievements.

Spike from ‘Moriki Doriki’


Timid, anxious, and very suspicious. Everything in the world can scare Pea. Despite his timidity, he does theater and dreams of becoming a famous actor.

Pea from ‘Moriki Doriki’


Cheerful, likes to sing and dance. Shushi is creative, and often throws herself into new actions, without finishing what she has already started. She is passionate about fashion and dreams of becoming a designer.

Shushi from ‘Moriki Doriki’


A real aesthete and intellectual, has extensive knowledge in various fields. Neki likes to believe himself to be the most intelligent, educated, and correct about everything. Likes to teach others.

Neki from ‘Moriki Doriki’


Inventor and Jack of all trades. Many Greenbo's inventions don't work as intended. In the rush to implement a new idea, Greenbo gets careless and neglects security check.

Greenbo from ‘Moriki Doriki’


A young mermaid, the new teacher of the Plankton class. Lana is full of energy and determination to pass the best on to her students - enthusiasm, faith in friendship, justice, and the fact that there are no children without talent. She sincerely cares for the children and supports their best initiatives.

Lana from ‘Moriki Doriki’
Minor characters from ‘Moriki Doriki’