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Heroes of Envell

In this day and age in St. Petersburg four friends Art, Kira, Phil and Vic are the coolest gamers in school. Once they have found an unusual laptop with the game "Heroes of Envell" in the school. The laptop is a portal to the world of game with real adventures and real dangers. The world of the game is a mixture of the Middle Ages, steampunk and technologies of the distant future. You'll never guess what waits for the players of the "Heroes of Envell". Like the surroundings, the logic of the game is unpredictable. The started quest turns into a race, shooter or logical puzzle. But one thing is clear - it will not be boring and easy.






Main characters


Art is the team leader. He is brave, decisive and responsible. In the virtual world, Art’s game character is a knight with a sword and power shield. Art always rushes into close combat, and in case of danger is ready to hide his comrades behind the power shield.

Art from «Heroes of Envell»
Art from «Heroes of Envell»


Kira is a selfish rowdy girl. She studies very bad. She is Vic’s sister. The character of Kira is secretive and clever thief-arbalester. This character is the same as the girl in the real world. Kira sabotages in the rear very well, but she will lose any frontal attack without the support of the team.

Kira from «Heroes of Envell»
Kira from «Heroes of Envell»


Vic is an excellent pupil and dull beggar. He is erudite and cautious panicmonger. Vic is awfully coward. His brain constantly calculates all the bad results of any situation. Therefore Vic is the main pessimist in the team. But he is a romantic dreamer in his heart. Due to the strict education and overactive imagination he is afraid of everything, especially contacts with strangers.

Vic from «Heroes of Envell»
Vic from «Heroes of Envell»


Phil is vigorous, cheerful and self-confident. Only the chosen people can keep company with Phil. In Phil’s opinion, the real world has been created only to hinder him from playing. Therefore, Phil disregards his friends, so he can easily offend somebody and even not guess about it.

Phil from «Heroes of Envell»
Phil from «Heroes of Envell»


Morgath is the enemy No.1 of our characters. It seems that Morgarth is the main boss in the game "Heroes of Anvella", but the villain obviously hides more than meets the eye.

Morgarth from «Heroes of Envell»


Salamandra is Morgarth’s strong and reliable assistant. She has a lot of technical devices, with the help of which she treis to prevent the team from defeating the virtual world.

Salamandra from «Heroes of Envell»
Minor characters from Heroes of Envell