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Date Article
27.11.2018 DTV Russian expansion continues
18.09.2018 Netflix lança 3 novas séries e desenhos russos no Brasil
15.09.2018 Netflix Acquires Worldwide Rights for Two Russian Cartoons
12.09.2018 These Russian cartoons are going global after being picked up by Netflix
11.09.2018 Deux séries d’animation russes désormais sur Netflix
24.08.2017 Russian animated series “Heroes of Envell” to premiere at MIPjunior
02.06.2017 Heroes of Russian and foreign cartoons gathered together in Moscow
01.06.2017 Russian cartoons are popular today
31.05.2017 First virtual cinema "Mult VR" will appear in Russia
20.05.2017 VR for the whole family
15.05.2017 "Good morning, kids!" About "Leo and Tig"
12.05.2017 "Good morning, kids!" About "Be-be-bears"
07.04.2017 Applications of Publishing House "Interactivniy MULT" have been installed more than 10 million times
31.03.2017 "Industriya kino" visited the birthday of the newsreel "MULT v kino"
20.03.2017 "Industriya kino" sums up the festival of animation films in Suzdal
13.01.2017 Applications of Publishing House "Interactivniy MULT" have been installed 7 million times
28.12.2016 Teaser to release of the game "Fantasy Patrol"
28.12.2016 Adventure mobile game based on the animated series "Fantasy Patrol" was released
16.12.2016 "Interaktivniy Mult" entered the "Global Union of the gaming industry"
10.12.2016 Game based on the animated series "Fantasy Patrol" will soon be available to users
08.12.2016 "Be-Be-Bears" hit the top of the best applications of the year for iPad
05.12.2016 Mobile game "Be-Be-Bears" hit the top of the best applications for Google-2016
02.12.2016 More than one million hours were spent by users in the application "MULT"
14.11.2016 The most anticipated mobile application of autumn is "Fantasy Patrol"
17.10.2016 Five million users trust "Interaktivniy Mult" to teach their children
28.09.2016 Million Android users are playing in "Rolando Locomotov"
24.09.2016 Research of the Institute of Modern Media: what is audience’s opinion about "Leo and Tig"
18.09.2016 Premiere of the animated series "Leo and Tig" has taken place in the new issue of "MULT v kino"
16.09.2016 "Leo and Tig": a new cartoon in the film magazine "MULT v kino"
14.09.2016 Stickers with the heroes of the animated series "Be-be-bears" are now available in iMessage
27.08.2016 "Interaktivniy Mult" presented a new development game "Slova"
26.08.2016 Leading companies will work together to create a virtual reality
25.08.2016 Leading companies create a consortium in the development of virtual reality
24.08.2016 Leading companies of Russia are creating a consortium in the development of VR
19.08.2016 Animated series "Paper Tales" won the prize of the prestigious animation festival
12.08.2016 Russian cartoon "Paper Tales" is recognized as the best foreign animation series in China
17.06.2016 Russian animated series "Be-be-bears" started in China with great success
06.05.2016 Audience highly appreciated the new animated series "Fantasy Patrol"
29.04.2016 "Industriya kino" informs about the cartoon series "Fantasy Patrol"
29.04.2016 "Be-be-bears" became the "editorial choice" in the Apple App Store
28.04.2016 Development game "Be-be-bears" is available on mobile devices
27.04.2016 Premiere from "MULT v kino": "Fantasy Patrol" is shown on big screens
10.04.2016 Games "Paper Tales" and "Rolando Locomotov" overcame a two-million line
22.03.2016 "Be-be-bears" are named the best Russian animated series
22.03.2016 XXI Open Russian Festival of Animated Cinema summed up in Suzdal
29.03.2016 The most popular Russian cartoons in the history of distribution
01.03.2016 New game is published based on the animated cartoon "Rolando Locomotov"
28.02.2016 "MULT v kino": a new issue of the newsreel set a record
04.02.2016 "Paper Tales" and "Be-be-bears" animated series assembled a record television audience
02.02.2016 Animated series "Be-be-bears" broke into the leaders of broadcast
28.01.2016 "Paper Tales": games and creativity in the interactive world of paper
15.01.2016 "Industriya kino" discussed the interactive game "Paper Tales" with its creators
14.01.2016 Number of fans of the interactive game "Paper Tales" reached 200 thousand people
23.12.2015 Interactive application "Paper Tales" set a record in AppStore and Google Play
18.12.2015 Developing game "Paper Tales" is released on mobile devices
10.11.2015 "Rolando Locomotov": the game with a discount for your child
09.11.2015 "MULT v kino": together with parents at the cinema
12.10.2015 Rolando Locomotov races to the rescue. Promotional movie cartoon
12.10.2015 Rolando Locomotov races to the rescue. Promotional video game
06.10.2015 Rolando Locomotov: the best app for children of the month
05.10.2015 "MULT v kino" set a new record
29.09.2015 Cartoon "Rolando Locomotoc and his friends" got a mobile game
31.07.2015 "Industriya kino" is at "Parovoz" studio
06.07.2015 "MULT v kino": children are thrilled with "Be-be-bears"
11.06.2015 "Be-Be-Bears" and "Paper Tales" will be presented at the international forum
30.05.2015 Characters of "MULT" became real stars just for one year
17.04.2015 Animated series "Magic Lantern" got an interactive application
17.04.2015 "Industriya kino" visited the animation studio "Paravoz"
15.04.2015 Television channel "Mult" and studio "Parovoz" represent children's animated series "Paper Tales"