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Who are we?

Our history

"Parovoz" is the studio created by two creative producers - Eugeniy Golovin and Vadim Volya as well as producer Anton Smetankin.

Our purpose

To draw up original russian competitive animation movie complying domestic animation traditions with up-to-date ones.

Our business

"Parovoz" studio is engaged in full animation cycle aimed at producing movie and motion picture of VFX and TVads creation.

  • VGTRK - Russian television
  • DTR - Digital Television Russia
  • «Ani» channel
  • «Carousel» channel
  • «Moolt» channel
  • «Tlum» cnalle

Company management

Producer and director of «Parovoz» animation studio — Vadim Volya

Vadim Volya

Director, producer, writer

«That feeling, when the product of your thoughts is transformed into a real story on the screen, is incredible»

Creative director of «Parovoz» animation studio — Eugene Golovin

Evgeniy Golovin

Director, scenarist, producer

«Creating an engrossing animation is a lot harder than making a film and I like it»

CEO of «Parovoz» animation studio — Anton Smetankin

Anton Smetankin


«Managing a huge creative team requires even more strength than managing a production»

Actor's voices


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