It has been years since the struggle between two supervillain clans started — those of Hegemon the Rhino, and the Darwin the Atomic Monkey clan. Blinded by their lust for power over the world, they've turned everything into a battlefield, and probably would have destroyed it by now if it hadn't been for a special unit of brave animals.




6-9 years old


Main characters

Theodor the Bear

Theodor is the leader and organizer, intellect and backbone of the team. He is very strong and experienced fighter. Judging by his appearance, he is severe, but in his heart he is very sincere. He is skillful, judicious, quick-minded and wide-awake. Fedor is old-fashioned, does not understand modern technologies and prefers to solve problems with the help of war hammer.

Bear Fedor from ‘FAST’

Walter the Wolf

Walter is a shooter, chemist, spy and deversionist, he presents team fantasy. He is intellectual, dandy and esthete trying to be an aristocrat. He has a perfect sense of humor. He likes to emphasize his independence, but when it comes to business, he pulls the same rope and does everything strictly according to the plan.

Wolf Voldemar from ‘FAST’

Zac the Rabbit

Zac is a bullyboy and main team’s fighter. He is brave and bold. He is not very smart, but straightforward and simple-minded. He is perfect in martial arts, but his main weapon is the button on his chest, which turns a little rabbit into a big iron knight.

Hare Zahar from ‘FAST’

Alice the Fox

Alice is a technician and hacker, she is the impersonation of the team’s eyes and hands. She is well-versed in any gadgets, and if there is no necessary device, she invents it. She can drive all modes of transport. She is quick-witted and keeps her nerve even in the extreme situations.

Olesya fox from ‘FAST’

Darwin the Atomic Monkey

Darwin is an extravagant and eccentric leader of the Jungle. His main methods are cunning and inventiveness. His army is a band of goons. He suffers from split personality and megalomania. He is the master of telekinesis and he likes mutation experiments

Monkey Darvin from ‘FAST’

Hegemon the Rhino

Hegemon is the tyrranous and brutal dictator of Savaniya. He prefers violent use of force, he controls the army of evil, fearless and absolutely obedient soldiers. He is addicted to weapons and military equipment, but he relies on quantity and size rather than quality and progressiveness.

Hehemon rhino from ‘FAST’