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Our life

What we do

Our purpose is to create an original animation that combines native cartoon traditions and modern technologies.

About people

About people

Despite the fact that we have a huge team, we are all very big friends and this is incredibly inspiring!



Our studio is home not only for our employees, but also for pets. We love animals and we also advise you to love them :)

Our "Goodies"

Cafe ‘Parovoz’

Cafe ‘Parovoz’Here you can have a tasty and healthy snack.

Gym and shower

Gym and showerAlways at your service

We celebrate

We celebrateAll together


RadioTry yourself as a DJ or just listen to good music

Animation club

Animation clubWatch cartoons and be the first to know about the trends in our industry

Book club

Book clubRead and discuss books with colleagues in an informal setting

Training music

Training musicPlay music in your free time