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Apps by "Parovoz" studio

Mult VR

Game developed by Parovoz — ‘Moolt VR’

The first Russian family-friendly VR-cinema will be presented this fall. It’s about time to break new ground for the cartoon watching!


Virtual ‘Magic Lantern’

For HTC Vive
VR ‘Magic Lantern’

This is the first VR-game in Russia, created on the basis of an animated series. Kate and Mickey wait for you in their cozy room full of surprises!

Games by our partners

Leo and tig

Heartwarming adventure game set in the mystical taiga
Игра студии ‘Паровоз’ — ‘Лео и Тиг’

Embark on a new adventure and play as one of your favourite characters from the animated series: Leo the Amur leopard, Tig the playful tiger, Mila the little weasel, Jara the crafty lynx, or Cuba the cheerful boar. Each character has a unique personality and special abilities to help them overcome all kinds of difficulties.


Education for small kids
Game developed by Parovoz — ‘Multiznaika’

A new game based on our cartoon "Be-be-bears" will teach your child to read, count and help to develop creativity!

Pretty soon


Cartoons of the high quality
Game developed by Parovoz — ‘Moolt’

The application "Mult" created by our partners contains over 1500 series of various cartoons and releases exclusive new series.

Fantasy Patrol

The best game of the fall 2016
Game developed by Parovoz — ‘Fantasy Patrol’

Today you can also become the guardian of the city of Myshkin. Take photos, collect cards and perform interesting tasks together with the girls.

Be-be-bears 2

Learning game
Game developed by Parovoz — ‘Be-be-bears 2’

Bucky and Bjorn are together again! This time they have a lot of difficult and interesting tasks, and they can not cope with them without your help.

Magic lantern

Filmstrips in your pocket
Game developed by Parovoz — ‘Magic Lantern’

Now you can not only watch filmstrips anywhere, but also be the integral part of Kate and Mickey’s stories.


The best game for iOS and Android in 2016
Game developed by Parovoz — ‘Be-be-bears’

One of the best games based on our cartoons. With amazing tasks and interesting game mechanics, even an adult will have a good time.

Paper Tales

Family-friendly game
Game developed by Parovoz — ‘Paper Tales’

Interesting gameplay is created taking into account the format of the cartoon. Aristotle and Knock-knock will make you not only laugh, but also give a serious thought.

Rolando Lokomotov’s school

For toddlers
Game developed by Parovoz — ‘Rolando Locomotov school’

Rolando Lokomotov is our superhero! With the help of this game your children will learn the basic safety measures and develop fine motor skills.

Rolando Lokomotov

The first game
Game developed by Parovoz — ‘Rolando Locomotov’

Mini-games for both the toddlers and the kids. The game helps to train memory, logic and attention.